As 2018 comes to a close I wanted to pick some of the most gorgeous photography (and other mediums) website designs this year. They all have great photography in common!

I’ve picked my recent favourites from AWWWARDS - the leader in web design awards - and stitched together screenshots from different sections.

Do you know any great photographers’ websites? Post them in the comments and I’ll add them to the list.

1. La Vallee Bridal

Bold Typography, Feature slider and Irregular Grids

La Vallee isn't a photography agency - they are a bridal dress boutique - but they feature fantastic photography and web design.

Their website makes a bold statement with its main slider and incredible use of typography throughout the website.

The website features irregular grids to produce an unpredictable flow down the page and encourages visitors to engage more with the content.
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2. Dean Bradshaw Photography

Juxtaposition Of Dark And Light, slider and irregular grids

The website features a complex animated slider at the start and an irregular grid beneath. The slider is dark and gloomy, but the rest of the page(s) are bright and sparse.

Moreover, it utilizes complex animations all throughout the website that are tightly orchestrated to produce a beautiful experience.
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3. Naturallis Topstukken

Mosaic of photographs and funky pages

The homepage features the most polished and complex image grid I’ve seen yet!

It’s a mosaic of photographs that you can drag around. Clicking an image will navigate to the photo.

The website is just as beautiful on mobile, if not more user-friendly. I actually prefer the mobile version for usability.
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4. Studio Volbloed

Empty sidebar and Large photo grids

Studio Volbloed has a prominent sidebar that creates breathing room on a busy page. The website features large photo grids that navigate to post/page categories.

The pages themselves are a beautiful design that follow a consistent template, but create the illusion of a unique designs by varying the page's background and text colours and images.
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5. Onirim

Content focused, feature slider and playlist creator

Onirim has a sparse website that focuses on content over anything else. The feature slider is the only element on the homepage and places content front-and-center.

The most interesting features is that you can browse their creations and add them to a shareable playlist.
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6. chloédigital

Auto-scroll, interactive pages and varied design

chloedigital is one of the most beautiful websites I've ever seen! Every page has custom interactive features that blow you away. It's best seen on a desktop computer, but still works well on mobile.

The press section is the best part of the website.

Their beautiful blog archive also deserves a mention, since it has a varied grid pattern that I haven't seen before.
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7. StudioChevojon

Balanced photography and copywriting

StudioChevojon strikes a balance between photography and copywriting on its homepage. Lots of photographers' websites seem happy to just let their work speak for them, but StudioChevojon makes a personal impression.

My favourite part were the numerous blog posts that all have a lot of care put into them and feature unique photography.
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8. Michael Ferire

Content focused and delicate

Ferire has a beautiful website that has a mid-section that features content on all pages. The website is lightly populated and there are delicate transitions between pages.

I have to mention the photography, purely because there is so much of it. It is varied in subject, but features a consistent style. This website has everything going for it!
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